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So far in 2021 SUGA programs have provided over
$115,000.00 in training funds to members.
Volunteer Organization

Volunteer Organization

SUGA is 100% volunteer managed. All members of the SUGA Board of Directors are employees of member agencies who volunteer their time throughout the year to make sure SUGA meets its goals and fulfills its mission. If you are interested in volunteering for SUGA or running for a board position you can contact any board member for details.

Member Agencies

Member Agencies

SUGA’s membership is far reaching. It includes agencies from all Fifty States and Washington DC, all Canadian Provinces, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Guam, St.Vincent, and the Virgin Islands.


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Member Agencies


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Board of Directors

Consuela Wilson Director/Chair

Consuela Wilson is the Chesterfield County Financial Systems Coordinator, and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with 17 years of experience in Public Administration.

Aaron Bentley Director/Co-Chair

Aaron Bentley has worked for Salt Lake City for over 17 years and is currently the Director of Software Services.

Nanette Anderson Director

Nanette Anderson sits on the Board of Directors for the Rock Island County Emergency Telephone System Board. 

Our goal is to further the continued improvement and expansion of SUGA’s educational and networking offerings.