Todd Spearman

Captain Todd Spearman has been in Law Enforcement for 30 years with the Smyrna, Tennessee Police Department. He is currently the Captain of Administration supervising Communications, Records Management, Investigations, and Information Technology, as well as other police functions to include Operating Procedures and CALEA certification.

Captain Spearman has utilized the Central Square family of products since 1988 starting with the HTE product line, first as a user than as a system administrator. In 2015, the Smyrna Police Department migrated to the OneSolution product line. In his current role, Todd manages a team of employees from various departments in maintaining the OneSolution products for the police department.

Captain Spearman served as a SUGA volunteer for several years.  He has worked to support conference administration, as well as teaching user-led sessions.  Todd has served as a Director-at-Large on the SUGA Board of Directors for three years, and is currently serving as board Secretary.

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