Jose Palacios

Jose Palacios has been involved with SUGA for 28 years as a member, client, board member and currently as the SUGA Financial Coordinator/Staff Accountant.  Jose retired from Travis County, Texas in 2012, after 29 years.  He retired as the Director of Disbursement Auditing for the Travis County Auditor and used the HTE/SunGard financial software applications.  Jose was an HTE/SunGard client for 23 years.

Jose has been SUGA’s Financial Coordinator since 2001.  He is responsible for SUGA’s accounting and membership services.  Prior to accepting a staff position with SUGA, Jose served on the SUGA Board of Directors for seven years where he held the positions of Secretary and Treasurer.

Jose graduated from St. Edwards University, Austin, Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Accounting.  He currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife. In 2008, Jose created an Accounting Services company, currently known as “JP Accounting Services”.  He has used his accounting, tax, and government work experience in support of SUGA Education, Training and Development.

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