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The Lump Sum award applications process is now closed.

“Lump Sum” awards for training funds given to member agencies. Awards to any one member agency are limited to one award per application cycle.  Topics for training are flexible, and NOT limited to training on CentralSquare applications. Any type of training that will benefit your organization is eligible. While funds are available award selection(s) will be made semi-annually.

Lump Sum award applications will be accepted through March 25, 2022. Award announcements will be made by April 11, 2022.

Requirements to Qualify for Award:

    • You MUST be a currently registered SUGA member.
    • You MUST have had a paid SUGA membership 2001, or later.
    • The applicant MUST attend a fifteen-minute phone interview the week of April 4th. A SUGA board member will contact the applicant to schedule an interview.

Requirements Upon Approval and Acceptance of Award:

    • W9 information for your organization and for any training vendor(s) that are paid with award funds.
    • As funds will be paid directly to your Agency, an award letter is required indicating that your agency is able to receive the award and that all awarded funds will be used for the stated training purposes. (The award acknowledgement letter is due within 90 days of award announcement.)

The Meetup Grant process is now closed.

State/Local Meetup Grants:*
Recognizing the need for state specific training and networking, SUGA is offering State/Local Meetup Grants of up to $1,000.00 for individual state and/or local networking and training events. Meetup grants are designed to help you gain funding for meeting expenses. (There are currently 25 of these awards available.).

*Note: Enrollment in SUGA Programs and Services
Enrollment in any SUGA sponsored program or service requires a current SUGA membership at the Agency level. Therefore, enrollment by past SUGA users will automatically renew SUGA membership for that person’s Agency. You understand and agree that your use of said programs and services shall be treated as acceptance of an Agency-wide annual membership renewal.

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